Nov 4, 2017, Delray Beach, FL, Delray Beach Club, Private
**Told that folks rarely stay for an entire show, but for mine they did, and all danced

Nov 17, 2017, Nashville, TN, Private
**Huge Neil Diamond fan, surprised for his 50th birthday, where sang along for the whole show

Dec 12, 2017, Nashville, TN, Manuel’s Annual Holiday Show
**Each year everyone looks forward to this clothing designer to the stars, cameo singers.

Dec 19, 2017, Nashville, TN, East Nashvillian Holiday Event
**After being profiled as “spring became the summer,” Black Diamond serenades guests at the magazine’s party

Dec 27, 2017, Paducah, KY, Church of Christ, Private
**Fun moment, was watching an aspiring child entertainer deliver a Black & Neil Diamond themed ventriloquist performance.

Dec 30, 2017, Charleston, WV, Wyndham Garden
Dec, 31, 2017, Charleston, WV, Wyndham Garden

**Fun to go back to one of the first places I ever performed.

Jan 4, 2018, Charlotte, NC, Private
**Told by his wife, he’d been a fan since his college days, I was thrilled to suprise serenade him on his 40th birthday

Jan 10, 2018, Atlanta, GA, Private
**Celebrated a couples 25th wedding anniversary in style

Jan 17, 2018, Nashville, TN, Private
**Watched a lady hyperventilate with pleasant excitement, realizing she’d hear a slew of Diamond tunes at this show

Jan 26, 2018, Ashland, WI, Private
**Wisconsinites LOVE Neil Diamond tunes and we sang them all night long-even after my show was finished

Jan 27, 2018, Bayfield, WI, Mary Rice Party, Private
**An annual event, the hostess surprised her guests, by granting their 10 yr long request for the Black Diamond

March 11, 2018, Charleston, WV, Kanawha City Church of Christ
**Fun to prepare my yummy “BD spaghetti” and serenade the church I was first introduced to, in my youth


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