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May 26, 2018, Kalamazoo, MI
Private Birthday performance for long time fan’s 50th

October 6, 2018, Bedford, PA
Fall Festival

Dec 7, 2018, Charleston, WV
Black Diamonds & Pearls, Private

Dec 29, 2018, Brisbane, Australia
Private, Wedding of long time fan

March 19, 2019, Boynton Beach, FL
Private Dinner show


“I got to hear him and liked it. He’s a very talented guy. I forwarded his singing to Mr. Diamond’s office and received a reply email saying they had heard of Black Diamond long before I did and liked it. also” —Errisson Johnson, Neil Diamond Percussionist

“One of my proudest moments where Theron is concerned, is when his Black Diamond Experience opened a Pointer Sisters show in his hometown of Charleston, WV. He blew the audience away there. Wow—what an entertainer he’s blossomed into.” —Ruth Pointer, Pointer Sisters

“Dressing the Black Diamond is a pleasure I continue enjoying. Seeing the Black Diamond on stage and on mic, likewise, I shall never tire of. He is a dynamic entertainer, who does Neil Diamond and his music legacy quite proud. It is truly astonishing to sit in awe, as he recreates the sound and style of the icon to perfection!” —Manuel Cuevas, Manuel American Designs

“I stand in amazement as Black Diamond plays the role of Pied Piper with little children. He attracts them like a magnet and they seem so comfortable with him. Theron has mastered the family friendly stuff that made Disney World so famous.” —Dr. Harold Shank, President, Ohio Valley University

“My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Haig Point’s Black Diamond concert. To put it in perspective, we’d just come home from a one-week visit to NYC where we attended three Broadway performances, none of which we enjoyed as much as the Black Diamond Experience. He was absolutely fantastic!” —Bill Sumner, Hilton Head, SC .

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